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Gabriel Ramirez

Gabriel Alejandro Ramirez graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston in 2006. With a degree in Consumer Science and Marketing. Gabriel’s professional career expands among a wide variety of markets. Including banking, automotive, gas and electricity, and construction management. 

The majority of Gabriel’s professional career was in banking. Gabriel retired from the banking industry in 2016. His interest in construction management & construction science began to unfold. He became a OSHA certified safety inspector and quality assurance supervisor. He holds certifications in forklift, boom lift, scissor lift and has a CDL license.

Gabriel found his home at High Performance Home Systems in 2020. He loves the fact that he gets to use his entire skillset. Sales, marketing, administration, management, operations, safety, and most importantly customer satisfaction. Gabriel takes a proactive hands-on approach to life and work. So don’t be surprised if you see him climbing out or into an attic. 

On his off time, Gabriel is a family man. Nothing is more peaceful than spending time with family. Gabriel loves motorcycles and speed in general. Gabriel loves to build cars. Enjoys playing any game, or sport that gets the body active. Gabriel has sky-dived and claims that it’s a life-changing experience. That everyone should do at least once. Gabriel has participated twice in the MS 150.